Supporting the Show

Value 4 Value

I really appreciate you even considering supporting the production of the Volunteer Technologist podcast! This is a Value 4 Value podcast, which means I’ll never charge you to listen. The idea behind Value 4 Value is that people who find the show valuable can contribute whatever they feel it’s worth. I love making this podcast, and sincerely hope that you find it valuable, but hosting and producing it does cost money. I feel pretty strongly that since I am asking you to help offset some of the costs that I should elaborate on what they are. With that in mind, here’s a look at what I’m spending on the show:

BuzzsproutHosting$12.99/monthThis covers the hosting and distribution of the actual audio files
BuzzsproutMagic Mastering$6/monthThis makes everything sound better.
GandiDomain registration$17.75/yearThis is what lets me use
OtterTranscription$99.99/yearThis is the only way I have found to make a good transcript
RiversideRecording$19/monthI had to upgrade to a paid tier to continue getting individual tracks
Total / year$573.62

In addition to these fixed costs, I also spend quite a bit of time preparing for each episode and doing the work to transform the raw interview into a polished end product that, hopefully, you enjoy listening to.

Buzzsprout Subscriptions

If you’d like to help offset some of this cost, or are simply generous and would like to contribute, the easiest way is via my Buzzsprout subscriptions page at .

Buy Me a Coffee

Since the Buzzsprout Subscriptions are limited to a few select amounts, and do not support one-off contributions, I also have a By Me A Coffee page where you will find additional options. The button below will take you to that page:

Buy Me A Coffee

Boosts ⚡

Another great way to support the show is by sending a boost with a new podcast app such as Fountain . Listening in Fountain will also open up several features you won’t find in traditional podcast apps such as chapter markers, transcipts, and many more. You can get Fountain via my referral link at

If you’d like to learn more about boosts or any of the other cool features that new podcast apps like Fountain provide, then I highly suggest checking out the excelent post by Todd Cochrane entitled Podcasting 2.0 Introduction .

Thank You!

Again, thank you for even considering supporting this podcast. I sincerely apprecaite it.