Hi, I’m Gene Liverman, host of the Volunteer Technologist podcast

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Volunteer Technologist podcast! Many who are technically inclined voluntarily put their skills to use outside of their primary job. My name is Gene and I am one such person. By day I take care of networking and servers for a software company, and used to do the same in educational environments. By night I handle all the technology needs for my local Scout district. I’ve also spent quite a bit of time as a volunteer sound technician and technology lead at church. All of this has allowed me to see that a lot happens behind the scenes of our daily lives and that it’s frequently volunteers doing the work. This podcast is a way for me to pull back the curtain a bit so that others can see it too.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey through scouting, church, community groups, fire departments, families, international aide, prison, and more. The technologies used in these volunteer roles might surprise you. You’ll hear about newsletters, websites, networks, sound systems, custom electronics, and anything else that I, or those I interview, have taken responsibility for. Two common threads you’ll likely find between all of these scenarios are passionate people freely giving their time and a desire to do a lot for as little money as possible.

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